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Versions and Upgrades

To work together, the PHD Virtual Backup Appliances and PHD Console must be the same major version. For example, when using a version 6.0 PHD Console, you can manage only version 6.x PHD VBAs. If you've installed a new major version of the PHD Console, you will need to deploy new PHD VBAs of the same major version to take advantage of any new features - upgrading between major versions is not supported. A migration guide that describes the process for migrating from an earlier version to v6.x is available on the PHD Virtual web site.

Upgrading PHD Virtual Backup

Upgrades are supported within major versions, only - upgrades are not supported from one major version to another. For example, version 5.4.0 can be upgraded to version 5.4.1 or 5.4.2, but it cannot be upgraded to version.6.0. You will need to deploy new PHD VBAs to take advantage of the new features offered with version 6.0.

When available, updates to PHD Virtual Backup can be downloaded from the PHD Virtual Web site or obtained from Support. PHD Console and Plug-in updates are made available via an updated executable file while PHD Virtual Backup Appliance updates are available as .phd update files . Upgrade instructions are included in the Upgrade Guide and the Installation Guide both of which can be found in the with the installation media or on the PHD Virtual web site.

Migration Tool

As of version 6.x, you have the option to migrate jobs and other settings from earlier PHD VBAs to newly deployed v6.x appliances. Migrating jobs and settings to your new PHD VBAs makes it easier to migrate to the latest major version and take advantage of all of the new features and functionality. For additional details about the migration process, including supported versions, see Migrate Appliance Settings.

Note:    Version 6.5 supports the migration of jobs and settings from version 6.2 and later only.

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