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Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains frequently asked questions about PHD Virtual Backup.

How many PHD Virtual Backup Appliances do I need?
How many backups can I store per appliance?
How is the PHD Virtual Backup Appliance deployed?
Why does my deduplication ratio display as inf:1?
How do I configure my backup retention policy?
What happens if a PHD VBA restarts during a backup?
Can I recover Microsoft Exchange mailboxes or database objects?
Can I back up the same VM multiple times per day?
Can I replicate VMs from one host to another?
How do I export my backups to tape?
Can I specify the order in which my VMs are backed up?
How is PHD Virtual Backup licensed?
How do I apply my PHD Virtual Backup license file?
Can I truncate Microsoft Exchange logs?
After deploying version 6, can I recover backups created with previous versions?
Can I copy backups from one backup data store to another?




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